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19. Adelaide, Australia. 3rd year graphic design student. Musician. Jason Mraz; my inspiration and guiding light. Be love and gratitude for life. Thank you.

“Out Of My Hands is about a friend that walks away from your life, and you’re not sure why. What we offer in that song is that hey, you know sometimes we don’t know WHY, it’s a bit out of our hands, so it’s best not to dwell on it and make it the end of the world. Just trust that the universe has something bigger and better in store for us.”

—   Jason Mraz (via purplesprite)

 ”We are born into society’s dream. We wake up here on this modern earth, and while it may seem unfair in some areas, at least we have the opportunity to keep dreaming.”
Jason Mraz ft Bushwalla - Personal Ads

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You and me, always between the lines.


Sometimes I get really sad about how popular songs like I’m Yours and Lucky were. Both songs were written with the loveliest of intentions and have both been absolutely slaughtered by being played every hour on every radio around the world at some stage or another. I want to shake people awake - like seriously - delve a little deeper. There are so many other wonderful Mraz songs, stop murdering them by overplaying them.

I feel like I’m pretending to wear glasses just to be… cool? Strange.


I DO! 

"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with." Robert Brault

I’ve loved this quote from the moment I saw it, but, it wasn’t until I saw this that I knew it was even possible.

Thank you to the beautiful TP, or should I say TPM, for proving that real love is an adventure. You look absolutely stunning and I am overjoyed to have had the privilege of witnessing such beautiful love blossom in to something so breathtaking.

If I ever let a man rule my life, please, promptly shoot me in the head.

Isn’t it strange how just one look from you says that everything is okay?
I can finally see the light. We’re going to get through this. We’re going to learn how to be best friends again. We’ll go back to following each other around at parties and quietly muttering little snippets of conversation to each other. But most importantly is the fact that it will no longer feel awkward not saying anything to each other. A comfortable silence that says more than any words ever could.
I can’t wait to be best friends again.

Don’t do something just for the sake of being able to tell everyone you did it. Do it for yourself. Keep those memories for the days when you need a little bit of extra help.

I wanna cry because Sydney State Theatre is so freaking beautiful and my seats are so close.

Caroline Forbes + neurotic control freak.

I’ve been told I’m really similar to Caroline. I’d have to agree sometimes.

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